More than 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of video equipment enables us to offer the best quality with the highest service to you.

IPidio makes any meeting better.

IPido in Business

Today, every role has growing influence over the technology choices for their business unit. Empower your teams to deliver extraordinary results with a collaboration solution that helps streamline workflows, improve engagement, and enable powerful innovation across every department.

IPidio in Industry

you can have reduce downtime, improve quality, speed troubleshooting and training improvement with to maximize the creative input, reducing development time and time to market accelerate and improve supply chain management and efficiency also talk to your customers no matter where they are located.

IPidio in Education

In the world there are many school and university students who need to have access to better education. Video conferencing enables you to provide a voice and video communications and content sharing solutions, re-design and development of education with attractive and interactive learning.

IPidio in Medicine

Video conferencing enables connect patients to doctors or doctors to doctors for expert advice also open your medical knowledge. Now, from where you are. Video collaboration solution that lets the healthcare expertise and innovative techniques to share and business better health care decisions.


Today's technologies are intuitive and easy to use, but organization-wide business transformation requires a strategy, plan and expertise on how best to integrate technology into your daily workflow. Ipidio provides multiple knowledge sharing opportunities to help everyone in your organization.

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Support Services

In Ipidio, you're part of the family, and easily have access to different managers. Here you can send any message to the managers and experts IPidio and be sure to answer all your technical questions as quickly as possible receive.

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